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1 Posted by - October 15, 2013 - eye spy, Stefano Pilati's Zero Collection for Agnona

Stefano Pilati, formerly of YSL, now the new Creative Director of Agnona, introduced his new collection, ZERO, to the world at a presentation during Milan fashion week. Here in an industrial shell, turned into Stefano’s idea for a work-in-progess concept store, audiences from fashion editors to Neiman Marcus’ Fashion Director Ken Downing and others, were invited to view up close how he has revived the brand, breathing new life into the clothes, whilst being able to purchase these items straight from the rack.

Stefano is breaking all the rules with his concept of a season-less collection. Being at the helm of a company, steeped in history, dating back to the early 50s, Stefano draws from the innovations in design, architecture and fashion of those times as a jumping-off point to this collection.

With Agnona’s roots in cashmere and woollen pieces, hence the Satyr mannequins, Pilati pays homage to this, with cashmere and woollen pieces in summer shapes and warm colours, of mustard, purples and pinks, again emphasising the idea of season-less. He has introduced a specially developed Palaka Motif, similar to a Japanese tartan, referencing the first Japanese fabric imported to Hawaii. This Palaka pattern will become Agnon’s signature and evident in future collections.

The detail of design and workmanship is displayed in the beautiful structured pieces, both slim and oversized, and the impeccable tailoring with masculine notes. With Stefano Pilati directing the ship, it is definitely an exciting time a head for Agnona.



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