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Art and creativity are spawned out of the most interesting circumstances and such is Bene’s Artesans. Born in the early 80s, during the Spanish Democratic Transition of the late 70s, creativity thrived during these times, and Bene’s Artesans came to life from the hands of Maria Jose and Joseph. Here Oriol, the oldest son, shares their story.


Tell us how your family got started and what led them to producing such beautifully bespoke jewellery?

Well, My parents started the first pieces around the late 70′s in many town markets around the country. It was the way in which they found their independence. They were involved in the worldwide hippie movement, located here like many of our parents around the globe. They worked very hard, hand to hand for many years to build a united humble family and business.

Can you give us some insight into the processes and materials you use in the making of your jewellery?

We always make custom pieces. Every part of the process is hand made, from design to the building processes. Many parts of the process is done on fire directly, without moulds. My father (Joseph) enjoys modelling silver, gold and bronze, very much, with the flame. Here we create the colours, like patina, using chemical reactions and oxidation.

What inspires the jewellery?

They (my parents) appreciate the rudimentary and classic iron crafters, and work more or less in this way. We are also influenced by the art and the avant-garde tendencies evident in our city (Barcelona, also referred to as Catalonia by the locals), like the Modernism Architecture of Gaudí and the contemporary partners of his time. But I think, the inspiration (of my parents), comes from some kind of spiritual restlessness. But sincerely, forgetting the surface, I think inspiration flows from just an unconditional love for every thing in this life.

You, being part of Bene’s Artesans and making jewellery first hand, have you studied jewellery making or is it something you learnt from your family?

Yes, for sure! I learnt all of it from my parents. Most of the time, they experimented first with the materials. So I must say, I’m lucky, that I’ve learnt more directly, with a bit less failing experiments.

Do you have a preferred materials to work with?

Fine materials is all we use. They are better for body and better to work with also.

I imagine creating a collection can take quite a lot of time. Is this the case and how often do you work on a collection?

We always try to make a new collection every summer and winter season.

The fashion industry changes at such a rapid pace and trends come and go within each season.
Do you feel the need to constantly follow trends and do they influence your designs at all?

Well, we don’t really focused on fashion trends. Perhaps they are unconsciously present in our designs. When making our jewellery, we try to create timeless pieces.
In fact, we hope our customers can decide for themselves what era the pieces relate to.

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