Kathryn Beker – storyteller, designer, dreamer

2 Posted by - January 29, 2014 - Kathryn Beker - storyteller, designer, dreamer

We all can get lost in the world of movies, theatre and the arts. Lost in the portrayal of these actors on stage and screen, transforming through costume from mortal beings, to immortal characters. It was seeing the transformation of her mother on stage into character through clothes, Kathryn describes, that sparked her interest in clothes and fashion. She is not only a fashion designer, but also a storyteller, revealing a little more about herself with each collection. Confessing that her collections are somewhat autobiographical.

In meeting Kathryn, the gorgeous petite designer behind her name sake label, I came to know a fun-loving, deep-thinking dreamer. Starting her journey in Toronto she honed her love of fashion at Studio Berçot in Paris. Whilst in the city of love, she also got to understand women, their likes and dislikes in clothes by creating one-off pieces for her friends. It was during this time, Kathryn interned at a fashion driven PR agency, working at a few high profile runway shows and cementing her desire to be a designer.

Even though Kathryn loves fashion, she is not obsessed by it, she loves “collaborating with the stylist, photographers and film makers”. The “ability to create a world, dream and express yourself through clothing”.

I was mesmerised by the detail of her clothes, and the way she tells a story through a cleaver and intuitive mix of fabrics and colours. She is a talented, young Australian designer with a strong point of view and a different take on fashion. Not succumbing to trends, and keeping her collections transeasonal, which is something I believe should be truly applauded.

“What I love about fashion … the ability to create a world, dream and express yourself through clothing”



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