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Designing in the 1990s was of a different era. A time before the iPhone, when you would wait by your home phone for that boy to call and dragging the extension line all the way to your bedroom so no one could here, when people would yell out ‘fax it over to me’, and Mark Zuckerberg was still in high-school. It was a time when fashion was more experimental, extravagant and models walked down the runway with a tone of ‘tude! It gave us The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Spice Girls spruiking ‘girl power!’, grunge and hip-hop influencing Vogue and the runways of Paris and New York, snap bracelets and hyper-colour t-shirts, while everyone was asking for the Rachel haircut.

Stephane Gassiat was a fashion designer in Paris and Berlin during these times. A time where he feels fashion still had an air of mystery around it. He invited me to his home to chat about his time at Thierry Mugler and all things fashion.

The fashion shows at Mugler at that time, they were crazy!

After a delicious Parisan lunch, a glass of wine, 2 coffees and 4.5 hours later I narrowed down our chat to a two-part interview. I felt like I could have kept talking with Stephane for so much longer. I hope you enjoy!

Part I

Part II



Other clips you may enjoy and thank you to:

Thierry Mugler Defile avec Diana Ross courtesy of Jan Greeve

Mugler S/S RTW Runway 1991 courtesy of Yukikoandthe

Jacques Fath – 50′s fashion clip courtesy of eukryptos

Jacques Fath 2001 clip courtesy of

Louis Féraud Autumn Winter 1998 1999 Paris 4 of 5
Haute Couture woman courtesy of Fashion Channel

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