Bonnie Hansen – chocolate loving, fashion photographer

0 Posted by - February 26, 2014 - Bonnie Hansen - taking the awkward out of photography, people behind the seams

Being self confessed awkward, Bonnie Hansen is far from it when it comes to being behind the camera. She has a way about her and an ease when shooting, making her team, especially today’s model on set, Stephanie Claire Smith, comfortable. She is confident and knows what she wants out of a shot. Working quickly, Bonnie recognises when she’s got the shot in the bag, yelling ‘yep, I think we’ve got it!’, moving onto the next without hesitation.

Even though Bonnie comes from a more commercial background, she has a tailored eye for editorial, feeling her images are often ‘quite dark, more darker side of things’. Bonnie credits having worked and previously being resident photographer at Harris Scarf, in their advertising department, as helping her gain exposure and valuable contacts to models, agencies, hair and makeup artists and other creatives. This gave her the confidence to make it on her own as a photographer. Success to Bonnie, a chocolate-loving, Vogue-reading fashion photographer, was realising that she could support herself doing what she loves – fashion photography.

Hope you enjoy our interview with the talented, passionate and sometimes awkward Bonnie Hansen, and one thing’s for sure her laugh is infectious.



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